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conner attaching creamer handle

altering forms and creating sets

missa workshop

july 12-16, 2010

metchosin international summer school of the arts

pearson college

victoria, british columbia, canada

missa is two weeks of art in a wonderful setting. 200 artists in one place with an ocean on one side and a mountain on the other. an exceptional experience. unless otherwise noted all images are from my camera - which sat in the studio for anyone to use during the workshop. thanks for using it. for additional information about missa, please visit:

group shot of class

a great group of potters participated in this event (not pictured - al and the other visitors from across campus). it was an enjoyable week.

conner trimming a small bowl

conner trimming the foot of a small bowl. image from peggy.

conner throwing a tall vase

conner throwing a tall vase. image from peggy.

 tall vase

the tall vase - light proceeding from the rim - optional for a small price increase.

conner at the wheel

working on the creamer (on the wheelhead) and the sugar (on the front of the wheel).

pulling a handle

pulling a handle for the creamer (and laughing at something). see the handle on the creamer - first image on this page.

slab bottom on creamer

the handle is on - now attaching a slab bottom on the creamer.


talking about altering the creamer.

rim detail demo

demo of a rim detail technique.

the group working hard

everyone working steadily in the studio.

the group working hard

the view from the clay studio - amazing.

the group working hard

yes - this is the view from the clay studio - i am grateful that they ever watched my demos. it would be easy to get distracted.

watching a wavy tray demo

watching a wavy tray demonstration.

wavy tray demo

creating a wavy tray.

wavy tray demo

still creating a wavy tray.

wavy tray demo

answering questions about the wavy tray process.

wavy tray demo

still discussing the wavy tray creation process.

raccoon print

if the doors and windows are not closed at night - the raccoons will come in. this raccoon found some chocolate and a banana near my wavy tray (that was drying) and promptly stepped on my tray with a chocolate foot. the raccoon was careful - the tray was not damaged.

vine vase

just completed the vine vase. the lobed vase is on the back table.


peggy made sure that all things ran smooth in the studio. thanks peggy for all of your help.


meira matheson - the director - visited the workshop regularly and even sat down at the wheel. we enjoyed having her in the studio. i also appreciate the invitation to missa - thanks meira.


al and conner.


deb hard at work - thanks for your help deb.

ale and julia

ale and julia. alec helps things run smooth at missa - thanks alec. julia was the most popular teacher of the summer - she taught three workshops in two weeks and all were full (she was scheduled to teach one). her jewelry is exceptional and she is a joy.


alison has joined betty and barb at registration. how did betty and barb avoid my camera? thanks alison, betty and barb.


thanks teri - for making sure we were well fed.

traditional music from japan

traditional music from japan in robin hopper's garden.


in addition to the arts and the people - the environment at missa is amazing. this bench was just off the path on the ocean side of the college.


on the other side of the college - it goes UP. every morning i would go for a hike (or run) up there. avoiding bears as i went. this is part of the trail.

the top - observation

at the top is an observatory. yes, with a fancy telescope … fancy enough that it was not unlocked.

view from the top

the view from the top is great even without a telescope. the snow capped mountains in the distance are across the water and in the US.

the trip back down

the trip back down crosses water in a variety of ways. rocks ...


… and bridges


the skeleton of a whale that was found in the area years ago. the skeleton is at the college - and is amazing.


the rest of the whale - what an amazing structure. and since we are at the end of the whale - it seems appropriate to end the images … thanks for looking.

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