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bowls & trimming

conner burns studio

209 franklin street

natchez, ms 39120

bowls & trimming -

this workshop will focus on aspects related to making bowls and the methods of trimming. an array of sizes and styles of bowls will be explored along with trimming tips and processes … both functional and aesthetic.

this is a small hands-on workshop in the studio of conner burns. just four people and conner - in his studio. the workshop consists of conner demonstrating forms and helping each participant individually.

conner burns ash glazed mug why a small group hands-on workshop?

large group demonstration and hands-on workshops are useful and effective. there is also great benefit from a small group hands-on format. this allows teaching to be more individual and effective; a relaxed atmosphere with greater access and assistance from conner. focused time in the studio with the guidance of conner will enhance your comfort and ability with clay.

participation limit: 4 people

conner burns ash glazed creamer” style= registration includes:

instruction (small group environment)

clay and supplies (more details below)

lunch each day of the workshop

tuition: varies with class length (contact for pricing on specific workshop)

to register:

1 - contact conner (via email or phone) and provide -
- your name
- your contact information (email, phone number and mailing address)
- the workshop information (name and date of desired workshop)

2 - mail payment (or call to pay via credit card) and your space will be held.

for complete details about registration - visit - workshop registration & policies.

conner burns -“ cup and saucer style= what you should bring?

- individual hand tools that you enjoy using

- if you prefer your clay you are welcome to bring it

conner burns - tea for one“ style= what will conner provide for your use?

- throwing bats

- shelf space for drying and caring for work

- a pottery wheel

-a bag of clay (25 pounds)

- bucket for throwing water

- a well outfitted studio for use - slabroller, extruder etc

- additional clay will be available for purchase if desired.

- if you have specific interests or needs, please contact conner when registering for the workshop.

general workshop agenda:

day 1 -

9am - greet and get settled in the studio

9:30 - demonstration by conner

until noon - individual work on the wheel while conner assists each person

noon-1pm - lunch and conversation

1:30pm - demonstration by conner

until 5pm - individual work on the wheel while conner assists each person

5-8pm - if anyone wants to work in the studio, they are welcome to spend more time working

day 2 -

8am - studio open if anyone wants to start early

9am - demonstration by conner

noon-1pm - lunch and conversation

1:15pm - demonstration by conner

until 4pm - individual work on the wheel while conner assists each person

4pm - workshop ends


conner burns

209 franklin street

natchez, ms 39120

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