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natchez clay

natchez clay was founded by conner burns in july 2003. natchez clay began as burns pottery but eventually, as it grew and developed, the studio changed the name to natchez clay in a effort to be more representative of population of clay artists in the studio.

conner owned and administered natchez clay from its creation in 2003 through june 2008 when he sold natchez clay to local potters donna jones and jaque stahlmann. both were active in natchez clay and continue to provide a physical meeting place as well as transfer of knowledge and ideas through natchez clay.

history - the vision

natchez clay was founded by conner burns in 2003. conner's intention was to create a community of clay artists in natchez.

the vision of natchez clay:

to create an environment for the support, sharing of ideas, progress of skills and vision of clay artists by:

~ having a great place for individuals to take clay classes

~ providing for the professional and amatuer clay community (locally, regionally and nationally) by hosting workshops by exceptional artists

~ exhibiting the work of exceptional artists at special events

~ supporting artists in early and mid career by providing knowledge, space and access to equipment that would otherwise be unavailable to them

~ continuing to develop the clay community (and general artist community) in natchez through purposeful actions to attract and nurture artist endeavors

history - the results

between 2003 and 2008, natchez clay developed into a nationally recognized teaching studio that taught classes, hosted workshops and provided studio space for clay artists. natchez clay attracted a variety of exceptional clay artists to teach workshops including steven hill, tom coleman, jed schlegel, nick joerling, alice chittenden and louise harter.

natchez clay provided space and training for early career artists through the artist-in-residence position. each of the past residents of natchez clay have developed into accomplished artists and continue to influence others in the positions they currently hold.

natchez clay was active in the community. the most notable is the creation of an empty bowls event in natchez to benefit the local stewpot which faithfully serves those in need of food. natchez clay's empty bowls benefit sold out each year and raised significant funds for the stewpot.

the first five years of natchez clay impacted the local community, the regional community and the nation. it was a catalyst for the development of a larger arts community in natchez. in june 2008, after nearly five years of operating natchez clay, conner sold natchez clay. conner continues to teach classes and workshops at natchez clay.

present - natchez clay

natchez clay continues to support, encourage and facilitate the development of the clay community by offering studio space, classes, workshops and other events.

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